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The Many Uses for Shipping Containers

There is nothing new about the act of converting containers so that they can be re-purposed for other means. For many years now, shipping containers have made excellent temporary offices on building sites, have been used to house cafes or have even been used creatively for accommodation. The fact is, that due to their sturdy nature, more than adequate dimensions and ease of transport, shipping containers have become the preferred foundation for many types of different structures. So, if you have been on the lookout for smart ways to re-purpose containers, here are a few that are already being widely used today. Motor Control Centres and Control Rooms Motor control rooms are often used in the mining industry to safely hold low and high voltage switch-gear. They keep equipment protected by being fire resistant, and can also have fire suppression systems fitted to the container. Additionally, accessibility is made easier through the inclusion of a personnel access door, while pressurization fans and ventilation systems can ensure adequate airflow. Site Offices for Construction Since shipping containers can be easily transported between sites, they are often used as the ideal temporary office in these situations. Besides this, their access doors can come with heavy-duty locks to ensure office security, while insulation and air conditioning can help ensure the ideal office environment. Their 6m x 12m dimensions also ensure that they provide enough space for administrative operations. Specialised Accommodation Since they are easy to transport, relatively cost effective and simple to maintain, shipping containers have been used for many different accommodation scenarios. They are most commonly used for temporary living quarters on construction sites. However, they have also been used for low-cost housing, guesthouses and holiday homes. Ablution Facilities Wherever people congregate, there is a need for working plumbing. Showers, washing stations and toilets are essential at work sites, in temporary residences and at mass gatherings. For these purposes, shipping containers that are fitted with the needed plumbing and utilities make excellent and easy to clean ablution facilities. Temporary Clinics In many parts of our country there is a lack of the necessary infrastructure to set up hospitals and clinics, a problem which is the daily reality for many of its citizens. However, shipping containers have been providing an affordable and elegant solution for both temporary and permanent clinics since they are easy to deliver and cost effective to set up and maintain. Food Preparation The food and service industry have been benefactors of shipping container conversions for some time now. They have been used as the shells for butcheries, bakeries, coffee shops and cafes all over the world. This has allowed small business owners to cut the cost of having a brick and mortar shop, while still providing all of the benefits that they do. Contact Containers to Spec Today As you can see, there are many wonderful uses for shipping containers, all one needs to do is apply their imagination a little. If you would like to find out more about ordering a custom-made container for your needs, call a representative from Container to Spectoday, or browse our website for more information.

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