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Shipping Container Structures Johannesburg

Shipping Container Structures Johannesburg   Johannesburg is an international city with a large and diverse range of people. The city also has a unique flare in terms of its creativity, its daily hustle and its culture, it is unlike anywhere else. Johannesburg is home to a wide bunch of creative and artistic landmarks, buildings and artwork. One spectacular point to note about the city and its surrounding areas show that any obstacle can be overcome with some out of the container thinking. There are a few interesting architectural sites around the city that have integrated shipping containers into their design.   Shipping Container Buildings There have been times that people have stumbled across local businesses such as tiny spaza shops or shebeens that are made from shipping containers and people have made their livelihoods in these tiny structures. Then there are those small photo booth containers outside the licensing departments because they know that so many people are not prepared for a license renewal or to book an appointment for their learner’s license.  Then there are shipping container structures that create awe among its spectators.   Melville 27 Boxes A new business had opened up in recent years in the social attraction area of Melville, is a unique shopping mall that has so much more to offer than any other mall in the area. 27 Boxes is a shopping mall created out of, you guessed it, 27 shipping containers. Each container is a local shop selling local produce or a trendy new artisan restaurant serving up unique and creative flavours. This trendy hub hosts night and weekend markets for the accordingly trendy clientele. This building is not only a first of its kind for the city; it is also a home to unique and local business that brings the community together in a place that inspires everyone else.   Mill Junction We’ve all seen those adorable little shipping container homes and instantly fell in love with them. A few architects have felt the same attraction and decided to create something magical. There are two apartment complexes in Johannesburg that have found a great canvas for structural art. The first building is known as Mill Junction, which is an apartment building that was created using old grain silos and shipping containers. It is mostly used as affordable university accommodation as it very nearby a few well known university campuses, such as UJ and Wits as well as various other colleges.   Drive Lines Drive Lines apartments are a mixture of residential and retail office space in Johannesburg. The building is a multi-storey complex created over a one-storey structure, and the new additions are shipping containers. The Drive Lines apartments and retail structures are also doubling as a billboard, creating a unique canvas for advertising creativity. This structure is again, located near the universities of the city, as well as a large number of business and companies, which allow the CBD to function on a daily basis.   What Else To Do With Shipping Containers The only limit to life is our imagination, and there are plenty of other storage and accommodation uses for shipping containers, each that will be suited to your needs. To find out more about the different uses of shipping containers that do suit your needs, visit Containers to Spec.

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