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Shipping Container Site Offices for Home

As the internet continues to grow and develop, telecommuting has become much more effective enabling entrepreneurs to conveniently work from home. Working from home has several advantages, which include: having more time to spend with your family, a better work-life balance, more freedom, and tax advantages. In addition to these benefits, a home office also lessens the financial effort required to start a business as it provides workspace at a low price – you know how expensive office space can be. However, even though a spare room is available, sometimes it’s still not possible to convert it into an office for one reason or another. If you’ve got a large enough space on your property, then there could be a solution that would let you to have your dream office – shipping container conversions. From steel box to home office Because of immense translocation expenses, importers choose to buy new ones instead of re-using the old ones creating a problem; more containers sitting unused in shipping yards. These ‘useless’ steel boxes provide the perfect solution for anyone trying to create affordable space. With just a few modifications, a shipping container can be transformed into a comfortable, functioning home office. The concept of converting shipping containers to create shelters for different uses is not new. People have been upcycling these steel boxes ever since they came into existence. It’s only recently, however, that the trend has picked up pace. Cargo containers have for long been used by the military to build hospitals and mobile offices. They’ve also been used in disaster-struck zones for shelter and clinics. Shipping container onsite office For people looking for temporary office space and don’t desire to construct permanent premises for use on job sites, shipping containers also provide the perfect solution. Containers provide an affordable and convenient office space solution for construction sites, mining operations, and other temporary worksites. Cargo container offices can be installed anywhere regardless of the terrain. This kind of offices combine the toughness, security, and portability of a shipping container with all the comforts and amenities of a regular office. Traits that make shipping containers ideal for office conversions There’re several characteristics that make shipping containers a good office construction material. These are: Strength. Cargo containers are made to withstand the rough conditions of the sea. Their innate strength makes them ideal for modification as no extra work is needed to make them secure. Mobility. The infrastructure to move shipping containers is readily available which makes it easy and affordable to move your container structure from one location to another. Stack-ability. If you require more room, but there isn’t enough space to fit more than one container, you can stack several to create a multi-storey structure. Ruggedness. Cargo containers are made to be used outdoors which makes them quite rugged. This means they can withstand the elements without suffering damage. Their weatherproofing also ensures that the stuff inside is well protected. Affordability. Acquiring a new or used shipping container for construction is cheaper than building an office using traditional materials. Choosing the right container for your office It might look quite straightforward, but there are several considerations you need to make when buying a shipping container to convert into an office. These include: Size – The size of the container you buy will be determined by the amount of office space you require and the space available for the office. Depending on these, you can choose between 3m, 6m, and 12m containers. New or used container – A used cargo container is less expensive than a new one, but a new one will be in pristine shape and condition. Price – Container inventories and prices change seasonally, check with various suppliers to get the best deal. Delivery fees – Depending on your location, delivery of the container could be included or charged separately. Ask before you buy.   Containers to Spec was established to deliver quality and service to the container conversion industry. Our staff and management strive to keep your requests trouble free, on time and at the highest quality. We are willing to discuss any form of conversions to containers to suite your needs whether it be for the mining, electrical, solo, power generation industries or any catering, living quarters, ablutions, etc. Here at Containers to Spec, site offices are manufactured from steel shipping containers as they are extremely hardy and can take a bump here and there and are easily transported from one site to the next as required. The standard sizes of 6m and 12m allows them to be stacked or arranged on site to suite your requirements. Once again the spec is from the very basic to the executive site office. This includes access doors with heavy duty mortise locks, door closers, security gates, windows with burglar bars, partitioning, insulation, air-conditioning, lighting and small power including distribution boards, laminated or rubberized floor and painting to you specification. A tailor made design to your requirements.

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