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Installing an Aftermarket Door on a Shipping Container

Below we have very basic instructions, a starting point and a few things for you to consider. Your fist step when installing a door into a shipping container would be to figure out what size door you will need, and what size hole you’ll need to cut for the frame. When determining the size of the door, keep in mind the distance between the corrugated points. Once you have the correct size determined, you’ll want to mark the outline of the door on the container, whilst giving special attention to the corrugation. You will need a cutting torch or a heavy duty cross cut for this, once the cut is made, take a rough file over the cut out space to take off any burrs or edges. With the rough opening cut, you will now need to install your steel frame. Ensuring it is square and level, you will also need to spot weld a few points especially on the bottom and top corners to ensure that it is solid and unable to move or loosen. The last step in the process is to hang your door and apply sealant around all the edges in order to prevent any bugs, rodents or drafts getting in. If it is a roll up door, it is time to hang your mounting brackets or track that the door is going to roll on. Again you will have to measure the size of the track or brackets and then mark each point where the track will hang as well as where the holes need to be drilled. Ensure that your door can tough the padding or insulation to keep it secure and tightly sealed. At Container To Spec we aim to deliver service and quality to the container conversion industry. Our skilled staff members strive to keep our clients requests trouble free and on time every time. We are happy to discuss any form of conversions to containers to suit our clients’ needs. Whether it be for electrical, mining, catering or even for living needs, we offer it all. Visit our website today for more information.

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