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Having A Shipping Container Delivered To Your Residential Address

If you’re having a shipping container delivered to your residential address, it can be a bit more tricky than when delivering it to a commercial location. The main tasks to consider are clearing the path, the location, and ensuring that the weather is suitable for the delivery. Clearing the Path Depending on the size and the location of the truck and trailer being used, space can become a huge problem when delivering the container. There will have to be enough space for the truck and a 20′ trailer, so more or less 60 feet of space. If you are using a large tractor trailer to deliver the container then you’ll need a bit more space. You should ask the driver what type of truck and trailer is being used before hand and ask how much space is usually required. Preparing the Location The area where you want your shipping container should be cleared out and leveled before the container arrives. If possible, you should have some type of foundation to put the container on, but at the very least the area should be level and the soil needs to be very compacted. If you put your container on ground that is not level, over time it may not sit squarely and the doors can also be difficult to open. In the case of the ground not being compact, it could lead to cracking of paint and premature corrosion. Weather and Location Conditions You shouldn’t have to worry about the weather conditions if your container is being delivered to a paved area, however, if it’s being delivered to a grassy or sandy area, the weather can become a big issue for you. Shipping containers are extremely heavy, add in the truck and trailer and it’s quite a load that you wouldn’t want to get stuck on wet or damp grounds. At Containers To Spec we deliver unbeatable quality and service to the container industry. Give us a call on 011 026 8391 or visit our website on and give us your container specifications and our team will get on the project immediately. Whether you need a shipping container for electrical, mining, catering or living purposes, we offer it all at Containers To Spec.

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