What are site offices manufactured from?
Site offices are manufactured from steel shipping containers because they are extremely hardy and can take a bump here and there and it can easily be transported from one site to the next as required. The standard sizes for a site office is 6m and 12m. Site offices includes access doors with heavy duty mortise locks, door closers, security gates, windows with burglar bars, partitioning, insulation, air-conditioning, lighting and small power including distribution boards, laminated or rubberized floor and painting to you specification.
What are site offices used for?
Site offices are usually used on a temporary basis on sites. It can be used for the duration of construction works, they are often prefabricated, or constructed from portable, or modular, buildings. Site offices can provide an effective use of space in a limited working environment enabling clients to capitalise on space and capacity and it can provide workers with a comfortable and durable working area to maximise business potential and standard
Looking for site offices?
Because of the durability and strenght of steel shipping containers, they are easily modified and transported by truck into difficult, remote areas by Containers to Spec. If you are looking for site offices be sure to contact Containers to spec for more information. Containers are available in standard sizes as 1 time used and as pre-owned.
Containers are excellent for many purposes such as transporting furniture, storing household goods and conversion purposes. Let’s have a look at some more benefits of shipping containers:
• Shipping containers are extremely affordable and offer a great value for money.
• Containers can be transported from one location to another, which means that you are able to transport foods. Transportation shipping containers via ship can also be achieved.
• There are various sizes of shipping containers, therefore the right size can be chosen to fit specific requirements.
• The shipping containers are extremely durable and strong and are built to withstand all sorts of weather conditions.
What are the pros on container homes?
A container home could be a good choice for you, here are some advantages to consider:
Recyclable- The environmental call of a container home is the goal that you are recycling a leftover product to make a home.
Ease of transportation and siting- A worldwide method exists for moving containers from one location to another and once they have arrived, they are simple to set in place.
Predictable cost- Delivery to the area, foundation, assembly and connections are the only costs.
Prefabricated- Most container homes are ready for use as prefabricated modular homes, resulting in a shorter construction time.
Advantages such as predictable prices and construction time are the same for all kinds of prefabricated homes. However, container homes benefit from the worldwide foundation built to move shipping containers.

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