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Converting a shipping container into a home

Shipping container homes is probably the most unique and modern trend in recent years. You can convert them into almost anything, offices, homes, mancaves, maybe a room outside to watch the game in peace. Living in a shipping container house definitely has its perks, the house is fireproof and there is very low maintenance. You can put the house pretty much anywhere and you can just lock it up when you leave. Some smaller containers can be taken with you and set up, for instance, right on the water when you go fishing. If you need a bigger structure, you can stack containers on top of each other. The Previous Life of a Shipping Container Home Shipping containers are made of strong steal which is weather and rain resistant, meant to endure heavy stacking and also constant bumping due to ocean travel. The lifespan of a container is around 30 years but most companies use them for 10, this means there are many containers out there that are not being used at all. Shipping Container Home Plans The standard size of a shipping container is 8ft wide, 8.6ft high and 20 or 40ft long. There are slightly bigger ones but they may be hard to find. If you only use one container, your home will be pretty small but the wonderful thing about shipping containers is that they can easily be stacked to make a bigger home. Of course, with building anything, there will be challenges: Shipping Container Home Challenges Same as building anything, you need a plan, if you do not have a plan, you are planning to fail. Consider the following before jumping in feet first. What is the weather like where I want to build? Extreme changes in temperature and other conditions could be problematic, it may get very cold and unbearably hot, after all, it’s made of steal. Proper installation of insulation needs to be done. How am I going to get the container onto the property? These containers are rather heavy and you will have to transport it on a truck. Ensure the truck can fit through the gate to get onto your property in order to avoid costly crane rentals, extra hands, etc. What was the previous life of the container? Do some research into what the container was used for by its previous owner, You may find that it transported dangerous chemicals or was sprayed with pesticides, etc. Try and avoid these containers as traces of harsh chemicals can harm you. Will I need an architect or engineer? If you planning to cut doors and windows into the container then you will need to contact an expert. The walls are structural, load bearing walls ans cutting them will weaken the containers load bearing ability. No matter what you need, we can do it. Containers To Spec will build/ convert a shipping container into almost anything you want, a mancave, a gaming room, a flatlet that you can rent out for some extra income, etc.

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