Containers To Spec |shipping container 4 Creative Ways to use an Old Shipping Container (8/26/2016) - 1. Beach Retreat For those of you who are fortunate enough to live near a beach, you can set up your very own surf shack at the beach so you can spend a night or 2 there and then lock up and go when you are done. A 20ft container is perfect for your surf […]
shipping container 5 Steps To Keeping Your Shipping Container In Shape (12/6/2017) - Step 1: Examine and Repair the Container Roof The first and most significant part of the container to maintain is the roof of your shipping container. Second-hand containers are often dented when having other containers loaded on top of them. Dents can gather rain water which causes corrosion. Ensure that all dents are fixed and […]
Converting Shipping Containers A Mobile Office from Old Shipping Containers (3/12/2018) - When you think of shipping containers, what probably comes to mind is its traditional use for shipping goods all over the world. Today, however, the function of shipping containers has expanded further than just transportation. Internationally, container engineering has undertaken huge advancements to pave the way for a wide variety of innovative functions. One of […]
Container Art A step in the right direction (5/13/2019) - Every once in a while we find ourselves in a bit of a predicament or just needing a bit of help with the everyday life challenges or just general protection. With the help of professional lawyers in Pretoria, we are able to get that bit of advice that will guide us into the next phase […]
shipping container Advantages of Owning a Steel Shipping Container (12/6/2017) - If you’re working in an industry that is required to ship large products to various locations or if you just need to store valuable items for an extended period of time, steel shipping containers are just what you need. These containers are great for a number of reasons. The most evident benefit of using a […]
Container Conversions - Containers To Spec Amazing Uses for Containers (11/28/2016) - When most people look at shipping containers they see huge metal boxes for storage or for delivering cargo via ship. But these metal boxes have proven to be capable or being more than just that. Let’s go over the top five unique out of the box uses for shipping containers. Shipping container campers As big […]
Containers To Spec | shipping container Converting a shipping container into a home (8/26/2016) - Shipping container homes is probably the most unique and modern trend in recent years. You can convert them into almost anything, offices, homes, mancaves, maybe a room outside to watch the game in peace. Living in a shipping container house definitely has its perks, the house is fireproof and there is very low maintenance. You […]
shipping container Having A Shipping Container Delivered To Your Residential Address (12/6/2017) - If you’re having a shipping container delivered to your residential address, it can be a bit more tricky than when delivering it to a commercial location. The main tasks to consider are clearing the path, the location, and ensuring that the weather is suitable for the delivery. Clearing the Path Depending on the size and […]
shipping container Ideas on What to do with Old Shipping Containers (12/6/2017) - A shipping container is a strength suitable container built to endure shipment, storage, and handling. Shipping containers range from large reusable steel boxes used for inter-modal shipments to the ever-present corrugated boxes. Therefore, shipping containers can be converted into many wonderful things from building a personal space to creating a work of art anything is […]
Containers To Spec | shipping container Installing an Aftermarket Door on a Shipping Container (7/12/2017) - Below we have very basic instructions, a starting point and a few things for you to consider. Your fist step when installing a door into a shipping container would be to figure out what size door you will need, and what size hole you’ll need to cut for the frame. When determining the size of […]

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