Converting Shipping Containers

A Mobile Office from Old Shipping Containers

When you think of shipping containers, what probably comes to mind is its traditional use for shipping goods all over the world. Today, however, the function of shipping containers has expanded further than just transportation. Internationally, container engineering has undertaken huge advancements to pave the way for a wide variety of innovative functions. One of the most popular conversion trends for shipping containers today is transforming them into mobile office and workplaces. Whether you are a small business owner or self-employed, you’ll find many advantages to converting shipping containers into your very own mobile office. Buy a shipping container, and you can build a custom office that fits your specifications exactly. You can even add tailor-made features to further customise your workspace, or think completely out of the box for something totally new. Either for permanent or temporary use, a shipping container turned mobile office has many benefits over renting or even building a conventional office. Enjoy a Convenient Working Environment You may already have a designated workspace in your home or office, but distractions like noises or interruptions from other rooms and occupants can make it difficult to focus on your work. A mobile office built from a shipping container gives you complete privacy while keeping your main workplace close by. This allows you to finish your tasks on time, properly, and in peace. Enjoy Lots of Space Traditionally used to transport loads of items by bulk, shipping containers are naturally spacious. This makes plenty of room available for storing important items in your office. It also makes it easier to move around and operate, especially if your main workplace is small. Depending on your need, shipping containers can be had in various sizes, from compact 3m options to large 12m ones. Get in contact with an experienced vendor, and they can help you find the perfect unit that can accommodate everything you need for your work. Enjoy a High Level of Customisation The right vendor will also have experience in customisation, which means you can have your mobile office modified with endless possibilities. You can have heating and air conditioning installed for enhanced comfort. In addition, items like personal access doors, work benches, glass windows, and a wide variety of office accessories can also be custom-made to suit your requirements. Finally, it is more cost-effective than renting space in commercial buildings, saves you time by having your office located in your property, and can also be built quickly. With so many advantages to using a shipping container for a mobile office, it’s never been a better time to consider getting one. Containers to Spec was established to deliver quality and service to the container conversion industry. Our staff and management strive to keep your requests trouble free, on time and at the highest quality. Containers to Spec is willing to discuss any form of conversions to containers to suite your needs whether it be for the mining, electrical, solo, power generation industries or any catering, living quarters, ablutions, etc. The scope is endless. Site offices are manufactured from steel shipping containers as they are extremely hardy and can take a bump here and there and are easily transported from one site to the next as required. Once again the spec is from the very basic to the executive site office. This includes access doors with heavy duty mortise locks, door closers, security gates, windows with burglar bars, partitioning, insulation, air-conditioning, lighting and small power including distribution boards, laminated or rubberized floor and painting to you specification. A tailor made design to your requirements.

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