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4 Creative Ways to use an Old Shipping Container

1. Beach Retreat For those of you who are fortunate enough to live near a beach, you can set up your very own surf shack at the beach so you can spend a night or 2 there and then lock up and go when you are done. A 20ft container is perfect for your surf shack. You do not need to make any changes to the exterior of the container as they are built to withstand harsh weather and sunlight. The only thing you need to is fix up the inside of the container. You can install a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom as well as a bedroom. It is the perfect getaway for a weekend. 2. Camping Hut If you own a plot of land or a small farm, you can convert shipping containers into mini chalets. You can rent them out to holiday makers passing through, run a bed and breakfast, host functions, etc. They can all be equipped with a bedroom and working bathroom and they can end up looking pretty luxurious. Or maybe you are an entertainer and you love inviting your friends over for parties or braais but it’s a bit of a drive for them, the shipping containers can be used for them to sleep over instead of driving home late at night. A 20ft container can sleep a family of 4. 3. Artist’s Studio If you are a professional artist or even if you just do it as a hobby, a shipping container could easily be converted into a studio. You can place it in your garden, away from distractions where you can work in peace. The art studio will be inexpensive and you wouldn’t have to rent a studio or sacrifice a room in your house. With a few modifications, you will have a studio that any artist would be proud of. The shipping containers also have low maintenance costs and they have a long life span, making them very feasible. 4. Swimming Pool Yes! You can indeed a build a swimming pool into your hard out of an old shipping container. This is probably the cheapest swimming pool you could ever install and it takes up less room than a normal swimming pool. You will first have to clean out the container and coat it in paint, and then seal it 100%. The paint is to prevent corrosion and the sealant is to prevent the container from leaking. You would have to bury the container about half way or maybe 2 thirds of the way into the ground (this is to make it look more modern, I’m getting to the cool part). You can then build a deck around your pool, giving it that modern, holiday home appearance. There are many things you can do with old shipping containers. Trust the experts, trust Containers to Spec.

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